The Most Explosive Action Movies of 2011

2011 held no shortage of big budget, high-flying action. In its twelve months there was the usual healthy dose of comic adaptations and sequels to hit franchises one associates with modern blockbuster spectacle. It was a year whose summer bore yet more entries of both the Transformers series and the Pirates of the Caribbean saga. But, also released in 2011, were some action movies worth seeing. Lets talk about those.
The Most Explosive Action Movies of 2011


Marvel’s take on the Norse God of Thunder distinguishes itself via a rousing early battle with the dreaded Frost Giants on their homeworld of Jotunheim, and keeps your attention with its Shakespearean story of royal family despair, and some deft fish out of water humor mined from the Earthbound, powerless Thor’s situation. Big budget SFX/action is new territory for director Kenneth Branagh, and save for an underwhelming desert battle with the Asgardian drone known as The Destroyer, he takes to it quite well. Thor’s final fight with his scheming brother Loki has all the weight one would expect of wounded, angry siblings with god-like powers and abilities. A fine lead-in to tide us over until the following year’s all-out superhero bash, The Avengers.
Honorable Mention

Fast Five – The Rock joins the fun in this altogether tight entry in the un-killable Fast and The Furious series, possibly (most likely) its best.

That’s the report on 2011’s beat’em/shoot’em-ups. If your favorite jive-talking robots or mascara-clad sea brigands have been excluded here and you’d like to register your dissatisfaction with the matter, or you actually have some overlooked quality action films to cite, make it known.

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